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Sep 13

Castle road closure Sittingbourne

The closure of one of the main Eurolink access routes, Castle road, is expected to cause significant problems for businesses on the Eurolink industrial estate as well as the surrounding areas.

Castle road is due to be closed from Monday 30 September through to Monday 7 October. We understand that Kent County Highways department are responsible for the closure and that they are doing so in order to provide a safe working environment for Highways staff to undertake necessary works.

MP Gordon Henderson has been reported as being very concerned by the closure and questioned both the original length of closure, now shortened to a week, as well as why the works could not be undertaken out of day time business hours.

Many local businesses have also expressed their concern about the closure which will affect both businesses, their staff and visitors as well as the overall Sittingbourne community.

We all want Sittingbourne to be fit for business on all levels in order that the whole community prospers and we understand that this may be inconvenient at times but surely there is a better way?

Traffic jams and delays are already a daily occurrence in Sittingbourne and the closure of any road soon brings the town to a halt. We can only hope that KCC Highways post adequate and timely diversion signs at all entry points to the town to avoid complete gridlock

If you need temporary accommodation for staff or meetings or if we can help in any other way please contact the Sears Business Centre.